Haiku Anagrams

By Richard Brodie
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Haiku                                     Anagrams

In the spring rain,                  Overhead Heaven,
The pond and the river           incontinent, dripping,
Have become one.                  abhors the mere.
-- Buson

Turn this way;                         Leaves, taint me not,
I also am lonely,                      shyly wishing
This evening of autumn.          for a mutual union.
-- Buson

Mountains in spring                Moving perennials 
overlapping each other            haunting a hill 
all round                                  adorn our prospect 
-- Shiki

Mountains are                         O see a peak clearly - 
yellow green, pale yellow -      true owl music, 
a cuckoo cries                         a lonely cooing wren 
-- Shiki

I am going                               My maturing 
you're staying                         is not yours - 
two autumns for us                 fatuous aging woe 
-- Shiki

behind the stand                     the fern, 
of winter trees                         its buds tender 
a red sunset                            in the roseate dawns 
-- Shiki